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Hallo, my name is Achilles, I made this Knowledgebase to document my work.

But first a short introduction about me

The name is Achilles Alama, born in Bethlehem raised in Beit Ummer

I grew interest in web development since I was 14 with my childhood friend, my first couple of websites were not that great, one was an online flash game website, couple of failed blogs and a couple of failed forums. Until I made (2014 - 2019) formally known (2011 - 2014), right now it's down but you can check it on the wayback time machine, it was an educational forum for Palestinian schools where people could share past exam, useful material for teachers and students, the website died because I had to pay attention to my studies then before I knew it I was heading out to university, for the last years of the websites life it was on autopilot.

During this trip I have gained many skills as I was a one man show, I had to learn how to build a website from the ground up including SEO optimization, moderating, building a community, learning PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Mysql. It was nice run with this website, I have made a decent ammount of money by publishing googls ads on the forum.

I went on to study Information engineering at HAW Hamburg but kept doing what I like to do, web development. During my time at haw I have learned how to work with modern frameworks and software such as Vue.js, bootstrap, Shopware, WordPress and an ERP software called Actindo which is very popular in Germany.

I'm currently working part time managing two online stores, one store is using Shopware, the other is using wordpress, my tasks include maintaining the website, automating certain parts of the store (automating printing the printing of labels from Actindo to the Wearhouse), developing plugins for the store including a reminder plugin that sends emails to customers after their supply of the product ends reminding them the supply is about to run out and offering a discount code, displaying promotion campaign stats in the admin panel since Shopware dose not ship with this feature.